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 Courses and Projects of Delta A1 Technologies INC


Welcome to Alien courses and projects Innovate.

We help to find a better and easier world, we intend to give the opportunity to many young people and people of all ages the opportunity to learn or improve knowledge in different areas of electronics, electricity and electromechanical, for this we have staff highly skilled, which will provide theoretical and practical knowledge through documents, photos and videos ..

On our site you will find free courses and courses or projects to be paid, thus it contributes to the maintenance of the site and paying fees to teachers, technical staff and engineers who collaborate enthusiastically in this project Delta A1 Technologies INC.

We hope to attract all those enthusiastic love of technology, discover and explore new ways to apply the simplest and easiest ways, could also help university students develop their thesis, and others who wish to develop their own projects to improve their knowledge. or even who they wish to make their own projects, hobby, pleasure or necessity.


Company Bio

We are a team of college students working on this project like it's our full time job. Any amount would help support and continue development on this project and is greatly appreciated.

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